— Parking Sign

Parking sign is a male contestant in DATCM Beta.

Personality Edit

Potato acted selfish towards Cargofern in his TFTB entry and his unreleased entry 1. His personality changed in his 2nd entry being more random and helpless. In the 3rd entry he went very cowardly without cargofern but then was paired up with paper pentagon

Gameplay Edit

Parking Sign teamed up with Cargofern to form Sword Thoughts. In the first challenge, he excused himself, putting his team UFE and almost getting them eliminated. Ultimately, getting blue and despacito spider eliminated. in the second challenge he gained a dabbed on token he tr traded in for more WPOC tokens to try and save his BFF Hatty for elimination. he then made an alliance with Suger Cube and Meteor. By him and his alliance voting out cherry bombs team they were eliminated. in the 3rd challenge he felt tired of trying to help hatty and rubber ball with DATCM and did not like his comics,but did not want to just quit so he pumped out a low effort entry getting a bad mark. he felt upset when he found out that hatty got the lowest mark because of his killing ways. when DATCM was being rebooted he quit DATCM beta.

Trivia Edit

  • Rubber ball is planning to go as a no parking sign
  • He was the last quitter of DATCM beta
  • he hosts Y camp
  • He used to use MS paint but now has flash 8 and uses that
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