Paper Pentagon was either the 31st or 32nd object that joined DATCM. He Is a guy who doesn't get much sleep, and works very hard. He was in the first season of DATCM.

Appearance Edit

He is a blue Pentagon, who is made out of paper. He sometimes has a black hat on him.

Personality Edit

Pentagon is a know-it-all, but also a workaholic. He is an overachiever, and doesn't get a lot of sleep.

Relationships Edit

At this point of the game, he hasn't made any friends, so he is neutral with everyone.

Creator Edit

The creator of the object is Kingofoofz.

Gameplay Edit

Challenge 0: Joined the Camp, 31st or 32nd

Challenge 1: Paper Pentagon hasn't done much. He had recently made a team with Frozen Leftovers, named Pop team epic. Got 9th.

Challenge 2: Got 9th place again.

Challenge 3: Teammate Frozen Leftovers had quit. Teamed up with Parking Sign with the Number 302 on His Pole, and made a team called threehundredandtwogons. Also, PP got Second.

- DATCM is Rebooted. -

Challenge 0: PP signs up as a new person, called Toolbox. He lives in him.

Trivia Edit

- The creator of this page was also the creator of this object

- Pentagon has a hat but almost never wears it.

- Pentagon's Full name is "Poorly Printed Paper Pentagon".

- His Initials is PPPP.

- He is a reference to the Pentagon Pen and Eraser were scared of in BFB 1

- Paper Pentagon is the 31st or 32nd to join DATCM beta.

- Paper Pentagon is no longer in the season.

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