Meteor Edit

Meteor is a contestant competing in the first season of DATCM.

He was submitted by Ryanrogue1060. Meteor is one of his OCs. He is friendly to anyone that is nice back. He is easily provoked and not afraid to protect his family or friends. He can set his fist ablaze in flames in a bid to protect his friends or family. The fire does not harm him. He can also float as he has only his 2 arms as limbs. Meteor is also in the 2nd season of DATCM as the first one was cancelled.

Game Play Edit

Meteor had to team up with his own brother Sugar Cube forming the team Sugar Rock. Meteor formed a alliance early on. He has been playing as a not a threat. His alliance took out the Cherry Oofers.

Game play 2nd Season Edit

The competition has not started.

Relationships Edit

Sugar Cube (Brother and Team Mate) PSW302OHP and Rubber Ball (Alliance)

Relationships Edit

The Season has not started.

Trivia Edit

  • He is allergic to Bees and pollen.
  • Meteor is known to set on fire if enraged enough.
  • He hates cats. (He was scratched by one very badly once)
  • He loves anything that comes from space really.
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