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DATCM Is a camp with a unique twist. Go on the deviantart of Slurpy The Dog to find out more.

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Its a thing. Read up here. This is the creator actually writing this, so don't change it.

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 •Wii Channel•Dead Fish•Cargofern•Pichu•Lemonade•Bow and Arrow•Bert•Cherry Bomb•Fancy Music Box•Despacito Spider•Shield•Pelo Plush•Pet Rock•Waluigi Hat•Meteor•The Dog That Laughed To See Such A Sport•Blue Boi•Flowerbud•Parking Sign With A 320 On Its Pole•Oofo•Cambodian•Scarfy•Open Salami•Z’s Jacket•Sanic•Frozen Leftovers•The New Rock•Hatty•Ugandan Knuckles •Rubber Ball•Paper Pentagon •Tsurumogami•Red Geno•Sugar Cube•Broken IPad•My Mii

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