DATCM 1 is the upcoming first proper season of Dash at the Chubby Man.


Character User
3D TeamIcon3D KinyACat
45pxBow and Arrow SlurpyTheDog
Broken Ipad1 TeamIconBroken Ipad GothyGothTheGoth
Cambodian1 TeamIconCambodian MasterMasker
Cherry Bomb1 TeamIconCherry Bomb ChaseCreates
Color TeamIconColor Clapppe
Dead Fish1 TeamIconDead Fish Bob-crust
Gameboy Pocket Sonar TeamIconGameboy Pocket Sonar Calebddfrick
Golden Shell TeamIconGolden Shell PretzelProductions
Jr. Bunny TeamIconJr. Bunny LMAOFUN123
Limeade TeamIconLimeade Firestar1951
Meteor1 TeamIconMeteor Ryanrogue1060
Minecraft Diamond TeamIconMinecraft Diamond HoodiePerson
Pelo Plush1 TeamIconPelo Plush pupper-guy
Peter Piranha Plant TeamIconPeter Piranha Plant Tanadian
45pxPet Rock lightbulbboy
Red Geno1 TeamIconRed Geno BLuckYRockyHelp
Shield 2.0 TeamIconShield 2.0 Pugdo
Toolbox TeamIconToolbox Kingofoofz
Tsukumogami1 TeamIconTsukumogami GattyLolz808
Ux2 TeamIconUx2 NextBestThing120
Watery Jr. TeamIconWatery Jr. leatcheeseokay
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