— Blu
Blu was a contestant in DATCM 1.

Personality Edit

Blu was described as "that one funny guy" by Clapppe. That's it. - HOLD ON GATTY YOU GAMER! hi guys its me the main epic Clapppe.

Blu is that one funny guy as said, the other parts I couldn't do as gatty said make it quick so I had to rush.

Blu is that one funny guy on the street living in the garbage

Gameplay Edit

Blu joined when Fancy Music Box quit, so he had to pick a teammate quickly before the deadline. He selected Despacito Spider, and Team Generic Number or Something was born! His teammate did not do the challenge, thus putting his whole team up for elimination. At the elimination, Team Generic Number or Something was eliminated with three votes, possibly because they seemed the least important.

Trivia Edit

  • His species can apparently regenerate, considering he has died three times in total now.
  • Blu is one of two contestants to join late. The other was Woman.
  • The Original was rushed, as I wanted to join DATCM as quick as I can. - Clapppe
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